Fubo TV, a live TV streaming service, was established in 2015 to appeal to sports enthusiasts searching for a means to watch live events. It specializes in many popular live sports networks, such as ESPN, Tennis Channel, Big Ten Network, and many more. But does FuboTV have TNT? We are about to find it after a brief intro…

Since its inception, the service has dramatically grown. Escalating to encompass live programming of most sports and becoming a top choice for sports lovers in the United States. However, many people are confused about Fubo TNT. 

TNT being one of the most popular channels to view sports, the question ‘Is TNT on FuboTV?”, still unclear to many. Well, to clear up the haze about it, dive deep into the write-up below! 

Is TNT on Fubo TV?

If you are here to get the answer to “Does FuboTV have TNT?” Well, sorry to disappoint you, but, the TNT channel is not available on Fubo TV; the service lost the rights to stream the channel in July 2020. 

This might be the most upsetting news for basketball fans hoping to watch an online NBA tournament on TNT on Fubo 2023. However, you can utilize a competing streaming service, such as YouTube TV. It has both the ESPN and TNT networks, where you can enjoy watching various basketball tournaments, and it is the finest service for watching games online. It also provides a two-week free trial for new users.

Moreover, you can learn how to watch Fox Sports on Roku, as an alternative to TNT to view various sports.

Alternative to Fubo TNT, you can view the channel on other services that stream TNT channels. Though most of the services are paid, you need to purchase their subscription to view your desired channels.

How to Watch TNT on Fubo TV?

The steps to access the TNT on FuboTV are quite easy. 

You just need to sign in to your Fubo TV account and look for the subscription package that includes the TNT channel in its channel roster. From there, select a suitable plan, and after that, you will be required to pay for the subscription plan. 

Also, you can use your Fubo TV account credentials to view the TNT channel on compatible devices by downloading and installing the Fubo TV program. You can also learn how to cast to Firestick to download FuboTV on a mobile phone and view the content on Firestick by casting the screen. 

With this done, you can begin watching Fubo TNT. However, this is only possible when Fubo TV offers TNT in its subscription plan. But, as of now, and as stated before, TNT is not available on Fubo TV, and thus, you can view FuboTV TNT.

Can you Watch TNT for Free?

To your surprise, there is a possibility of streaming TNT channels without taking any subscription to any streaming service, though for a very short period of time. 

Fortunately, there are several streaming services that allow you to view such television stations on their platform for free, but only during their trial period, which is generally for a few days. 

If Fubo TNT was available on it, you would be able to stream sports for free using various other free trial streaming services.

However, there’s another way to stream TNT channels for free. You can use various live-streaming proxy websites that telecast sports from various channels for free. Not only TNT, but you will also be able to view many other sports channels, allowing you to view various sports games at the same time and on the same platform.

Nevertheless, the use of such platforms is discouraged, as people stream content on them without having legal rights to do so. 

Thus, you should prefer watching sports on legal services like TNT FuboTV. Read further in the article to learn more about it and other such sports streaming services.

Alternative Services to Watch TNT Channels

From the above discussion, it is now conceivable that you won’t be able to watch Fubo TNT. 

Nevertheless, there are several streaming sites where you will be able to view the TNT American Cable Television channel. Below is the list of some of the most popular streaming services and cable networks to that provide TNT channels:

  • Hulu Plus Live TV 
  • DTV Stream
  • Sling TV Service
  • YouTube TV – A service provided by YouTube.

These streaming sites gave access to the TNT Television channels. With a subscription to any of these, you won’t be in the situation to ask the question again, “Is TNT on Fubo?”

What You Can View on Fubo TV?

Though your plan to watch TNT on Fubo TV isn’t going to work now, you need not be disheartened. Fubo provides live-streaming television, along with some on-demand material as well. Viewers will be able to watch various live TV channels, such as sports, entertainment, and news, as well as on-demand movies and TV series, other than Fubo TNT.

Fubo TtV

Fubo primarily concentrates on sports streaming and is quite popular among sports buffs. Fubo TV TNT may not be available to users, but it provides access to a variety of other live sports, including the NBA, NHL, NFL, Premier League, MLB, and others. 

Further, you will get access to a number of news networks, including MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News, as well as significant entertainment cable networks like USA Network, FX, and AMC as well as lots of children’s programs, including Disney channels and Nick Jr.

In addition, to live events, Fubo offers a wealth of sports news and analysis, as well as pre- and post-game coverage. Furthermore, Fubo has connections with some sports leagues and teams, providing customers exclusive access and material not available on other platforms.

While Fubo does not have original material in the conventional sense and TNT on Fubo TV isn’t available, it does provide certain unique programming, such as Fubo Sports Network, which offers original sports programming and live events. 

Top Sports Channels on FuboTV

As mentioned several times above, Fubo TNT isn’t available on FuboTV, however, there are many other sports channels available on it that are most favored and viewed. 

Though, there are above 150+ channels available on the service, listed below is the list of some of the top channels on which you can watch your favorite sports:

  • NFL Network – Provides live and post-game coverage of all football games, as well as exclusive programs.
  • ESPN – Provides the most comprehensive live sports coverage.
  • ESPN 2 – A second home for ESPN’s mainstream programming.
  • NHL Network – Provides live and postgame coverage of all hockey games, including some other exclusive programs. 
  • NBA TV – Provides live and post-game coverage of all basketball games, thus a good alternative to TNT Fubo.
  • Golf Channel – Coverage of all golf tournaments and events in real-time.
  • Fox Sports 1 – Broad range of live sports programs, including basketball, golf, combat sports, baseball, football, soccer, and motor racing.
  • Big Ten Network – All-Big Ten athletic events are broadcast on the channel.
  • CBS Sports Network – Original programs, discussion shows, documentaries, and comprehensive coverage of women’s sports.
  • MLB Network – Provides live and postgame coverage of all baseball games.

Fubo TV Compared to Other Streaming Services

Now that you know what FuboTV has to offer and what sports and sports channels you can view on it, apart from TNT on Fubo TV. Let’s have a brief comparison of Fubo TV against other streaming services that host TNT channels:

Service NamesSubscription (Basic Plans)No. of Channels
FuboTVPro – $74.99/month171
DirecTV StreamEntertainment – $74.99/month + taxes75+ 
Hulu+ Live TVHulu (with Ads) – $69.99/month85+
Sling TVSling Orange – $40/month31+
YouTube TV$72.99/month100+

With the widest range of channels, from local to worldwide, it does not scrimp on any of the other features that comparable streaming platforms provide. In contrast to other live TV streaming services, FuboTV has the most channels, particularly sports-related networks. 

One additional feature of Fubo TV is that it allows viewers to go back 72 hours and watch any shows they missed. Its add-on channels and features make it an excellent choice for families that want to focus on sports but still have ample alternatives for everyone. Thus, offering you much more than just TNT on Fubo TV.

Final Words

Is TNT on FuboTV? You must be clear about the answer by now. However, don’t give up hope if TNT isn’t available on Fubo, as there are many other streaming services that provide you with it.

Further, Fubo TV itself offers a number of top sports viewing channels for your viewing that you won’t find the need for TNT. But still, given above is the list of alternative streaming platforms that provide you with just what you need.

To watch the content available on any of the above platforms, each streaming service offers a subscription plan. You may also check the subscription cost for them and compare them against FuboTV and its features. Then, it is upon you which streaming service you choose. Once you have the subscription plan, you can begin streaming your favorite stuff on your device.


Ans: Though FuboTV is supported on a number of devices, if you have a device on which you cannot download the program, you can screencast Fubo TV from another compatible device. You may also watch your favorite sports channels on other platforms like YouTube TV, Hulu+Live TV, and other popular streaming services on your device that support these platforms but not Fubo TV.

Ans: FuboTV offers four subscription plans: Pro, Elite, Ultimate, and Latino. Each plan comes with a plethora of upgrades and add-ons.

Ans: While FuboTV subscription prices are on the higher end when compared to the typical market pricing of other streaming services, it also features one of the most extensive sports channel lineups. This makes it a trustworthy and fair solution for any user who intends to utilize it for viewing sports.