Want to know how to jailbreak Roku TV? Well, you must first know what jailbreaking actually is. Well, it is a method of modifying a system that allows you to remove limitations in order to get complete customization and control over the device. This lets you install whatever software you choose and modify the device in numerous ways, allowing you to view whatever media you want on your device.

You must be searching for an answer to “Can you jailbreak a Roku?” for viewing different types of media on it. But, let me tell you, jailbreaking isn’t the only option and not certainly the safest. It lowers your device’s protection against cyber criminals, leaving your device vulnerable to hacking Roku.

The following write-up lists certain ways by which you can jailbreak Roku, it is not certainly jailbreaking, but it allows you to have more control over your device. Using the ways listed below, you will be able to view whatever media you want on your Roku device, which solves your initial purpose to jailbreak Roku.

Can you Jailbreak Roku?

Can you jailbreak a Roku device? Well, truth be told, because of its closed operating system, a Roku cannot be jailbroken. However, there are certain ways you can employ to play media of your choice on your Roku device, and that too, ethically. 

These methods, in fact, are all officially supported by the Roku device, giving the flexibility to use their device to play videos, music, etc., of their choice. After all, these methods don’t use any sort of unethical trick or hack to jailbreak Roku. 

In order to know more about these methods and how you can use them, go through the following section of the write-up.

Methods to Jailbreak Roku TV

You must be curious to know how to jailbreak Roku, so you can watch various types of media that were previously unavailable on it. Well, there are a few Roku hacks and methods that you can try to stream your media on it. These particularly are not the ways to jailbreak Roku TV, but they do the trick and allow you to use your device how you please. Listed below are these methods:

  • Cast your phone’s screen to your Roku device.
  • Make use of the screen mirroring mode.
  • Use the “Play On Roku” option of the Roku Mobile App
  • Use a USB device or your local network to play video material.

In order to know how each of the above-listed methods works, keep on reading the article below.

Use Screencasting Mode to Jailbreak Roku

Screen-casting works on Roku in the same way that it does on a smart TV or other device. Basically, in this method to jailbreak a Roku, you connect your phone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku. 

Then you launch a casting application, such as YouTube. When you play a video, and select the screen casting option, you will see the nearby available devices list to cast your phone’s screen. You just need to select your Roku device from that list to start playing your phone’s media on it. This is the same as casting to Firestick from your mobile phone.

However, keep in mind that to use this method to jailbreak Roku, the Roku TV must also have the required application downloaded on it. For example, if you want to screencast Netflix from your phone, your Roku must already have Netflix in it. Otherwise, the device will not be able to use this function.

So, once you have the applications in place on both devices, follow the steps given below on how can you jailbreak a Roku by casting your phone’s screen on it:

  1. First, make sure the app you want to watch is installed on both your Roku and your casting device. In this example, we are going to use YouTube. 
  1. Navigate to the Roku main page’s Search bar, and type YouTube in it and select it from the search results.
    Search YouTube
  1. Select the Add Channel option.
    Click on Add Channel
  1. Now, open a YouTube video on your mobile phone.
  1. Tap the screen to bring up the video overlay, then pick the Cast option in the upper right corner of the YouTube video screen. YouTube does not need to be opened on your Roku TV, you just need to have it installed on it
  1. Choose your Roku device from the list of casting devices, and the video will now begin casting on it.

Please keep in mind that your mobile device must continue to stream the video. If you do anything else on your mobile device, the video will cease casting to your Roku TV, and you will have to re-enable casting to watch the video on your TV. 

With this, you now know another method how to jailbreak a Roku TV. This method also allows you to watch Fox Sports on Roku. Well, this isn’t particularly the method to jailbreak Roku, but it works the same.

Use Screen Mirroring Mode

Can you jailbreak a Roku? Well, with this method, yes, you can!

This is a Roku free movies hack; you may cast a mobile device, such as an iOS or Android phone screen, to your Roku TV using the screen mirroring option and watch movies on it from free trial streaming services. You will be able to utilize this method to stream content from various applications on your phone on the larger screen without particularly jailbreaking your Roku. 

Using this way, not only will you be able to watch movies on Roku, but you can also play mobile games on your large screen, improving your gaming experience significantly!

You can start screen mirroring mode on your Roku TV by following the steps listed below:

  1. On your Roku device, open Settings and select the System option from the Settings main menu.
    Select System
  1. Then, select the Screen Mirroring option from the following page.
    Screen Mirroring
  1. Next, go to the Screen Mirroring Mode section, and select the Prompt option. 
    Select Prompt
  1. Now, on your mobile device, select the Wireless Sharing option. You can find this in the quick-access menu which you can access by swiping down from the top of your phone’s screen.
  1. After that, select the Roku Streaming Stick +, or whatever your Roku device name is, from your phone’s screen.
    Roku device from the list

After you have followed the above Roku hack, you will be able to view Roku content on your phone using a streaming app. 

Utilize the Roku Mobile App

Can you jailbreak a Roku using its application, Play On Roku? Well, you can use this method to stream photographs and movies from your smartphone on your Roku TV if you have the Play On Roku mobile app downloaded on your device. 

In order to start using the Roku app to play media on your Roku TV and to jailbreak Roku, follow the instructions given below:

  1. First off, on your mobile device, download the Roku App app. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  1. Once the app is downloaded, sign into it using your Roku account’s email address and password.
  1. Now, ensure that your Roku and mobile phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Then, tap on the Devices tab at the bottom right corner of the mobile app’s screen.
  1. This will open a list of devices, which should include your Roku TV device. Choose it to begin controlling your Roku from your mobile streaming device.
  1. Next, head to the Media section of the connected device within your mobile app.
  1. Choose the video or media you wish to play—music, photos, or videos—and grant the program access to it.

This was the process for hacking Roku to use its app to stream media on your TV. With this, you can now stream your own media to the Roku device.

Employ USB Device or Local Network to Jailbreak a Roku

If you have a local home network, Roku can retrieve video using it and display it on your TV. Plex and Windows Media Player are two examples of operating media networks.

To use Roku to access these applications on your TV, you must first install the Roku Media Player App. Then, ensure that you’re connected to the Wi-Fi network where your media collection is stored.

Don’t know exactly where to start? Well, listed below are the steps of this method using which you can jailbreak Roku:

  1. On your Roku device home page, navigate to the Search bar.
  1. In it, type Roku Media Player and select the same from the search results.
    Roku Media Player
  1. From the next screen, select the Add Channel option to add it to your home page.
    Click on Add Channel
  1. Now, go to your Roku home page and open the Roku Media Player app that you just added.
  1. If your local network is accessible to media, it should be seen on your Roku streaming device. Choose the item you want to view and start watching it on Roku.

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If you have a USB device with media on it, a Roku device with a USB slot can play it. However, only certain Roku devices, such as the Roku TV, include a USB port.

So, if your Roku device has a USB port, you can attach a USB drive to it and play media from it using the Roku Media Player App. And with this, you now know how to hack Roku to view the media of your choice.

However, it should be noted that Roku cannot play all types of media files using this method; only certain formats are allowed, which is an unpleasant consequence of not being able to jailbreak Roku. It does, nevertheless, support the great majority of file formats.

With that said, this article on jailbreaking Roku ends here. I hope, after going through all these methods, you now have no need to jailbreak Roku, as you can play any media you want on your Roku device.